“What’s happening to our wildlife populations and why? Conservation or Preservation by internationally respected conservationist and author Chris Klineburger addresses this question with positive examples of what we can do individually and collectively to preserve our natural heritage. The terms preservation and conservation have taken on new meanings during the past decade. Chris Klineburger has successfully attempted to clarify these new definitions in this new work putting into perspective the goals, policy and achievements of conservationists, both at home and internationally, while identifying the great negative impacts ideology has had on our wildlife and ecosystems. This book belongs in the hands of every student of ecology and those political and public sector policy makers who have the capacity to influence our laws and culture. I give this new book five stars and commend Chris Klineburger for shining a bright light on the efforts of sports men and women to insure sustainable wildlife populations for the coming generations.”
Dan Simmons, Sportsman’s Quest

 “I’ve finished reading your book, Conservation or Preservation and I want to say it is ESSENTIAL! Comparing to other such books, it’s like the difference between scripture and gospel—any gifted preacher can do scripture, but only the apostles were THERE and that’s gospel. And that’s what your book has. First person, I was there, in your face. I’m not a big fan of theory, but I have tremendous respect for science, history, and first person experience, and those are the strong points of Conservation or Preservation. Every school and scout troop and youth organization should have a passel of copies on the shelf.  That’s what I think of your book and I thank you heartily and I will treasure its contents.”
Dr. John Quinn, Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“Your new book Conservation or Preservation is very special. Your approach to wildlife conservation and preservation could only be done by one who has traveled the world to see the need and the reasons for concerns for the future, and the need for conservation. I really believe this book should attract the non-hunter and those who feel hunters in general are takers with no concern for the future of wildlife. Only by one, who has traveled the world to select specific species and in areas where concerns for conservation was found, could such a book be written to address the need and the answers for conservation. It is amazing the problems that exist for conservation, and it is rewarding to learn of the many organizations who are working to preserve wildlife and correct the needs to be successful for future generations.”
Bud Banks, Masonic Services Association


 “Chris Klineburger’s GAMEMASTERS of the WORLD is a must read for every international hunter. The book is most interesting and full of great illustrations. The Klineburgers broke ground in many international countries for the first time. We have them to thank for all of this.”
Dick Cabela,  Co-Founder of Cabela’s World’s Foremost Outfitter

“Chris Klineburger has not only hunted the world during his long and amazing career; together with brothers Bert and Gene he opened up much of the world to a new generation of sportsmen and women…a world that, sadly, is now starting to shrink once again. He is truly a ‘gamemaster of the world’ and his story belongs in the annals of great hunters and hunting & conservation literature.”
Craig Boddington, Executive Editor, Intermedia Outdoors

 “Gamemasters of the World, written by Chris Klineburger, is a book filled with remarkable stories of his worldwide hunting expeditions. Replete with fascinating narratives of individual hunts (complete with detailed explanations of the species and subspecies of the many animals he encountered) and backed up with plenty of photographs, the book is a must for the hunter. But the book is more than a hunting book. It tells how Klineburger opened many Asian countries previously closed to hunters with sportsman-financed wildlife programs, and it describes his efforts to establish wildlife conservation associations; non-hunters, of which I am one,  will also enjoy the book for its rich descriptions of the places he visited, the people—both famous and everyday folks – – that he met and befriended, the local food and drink that he sampled, and other experiences that he had around the world, many of which could never be repeated today. His vivid prose makes the book hard to put down and leaves the reader almost as if he too is along for the adventure. Gamemasters of the World is an original account of an extraordinary life that most people will never even dream of, much less live.”
Phil Dougherty, Historian, Sammamish, Washington

  “Chris Klineburger is one of the great pioneers in the world of big-game hunting, having spent a lifetime working to establish hunting and conservation programs all over the world. His fascinating autobiography tells the story of a life filled with adventure and exploration; blazing new trails that today’s international hunters have the good fortune to follow.”
Diana Rupp, Editor-in-chief, Sports Afield

 “Chris Klineburger’s Gamemasters of the World is an epic true story of a lifetime of hunting adventure that opened the world to big game hunting. Hunters everywhere owe Chris and his brothers a debt of gratitude for the lasting legacy they gave us”.
Stan Skinner, Author and Reporter

“An amazingly told story of pioneers who came up the hard way that became preeminent leaders in exploring the last of the Last Frontiers and encouraging sustainable use of wildlife, opening hunting in countries that most of us had never heard of.”
Andy Oldfield, Past president of both the Weatherby Foundation and Safari Club International

“Gamemasters of the World is an epic tale of fortitude, perseverance, and adventure. Sport hunters everywhere owe the Klineburgers for plowing the road for all of us.”
Jay Cassell, Deputy Editor, Field & Stream magazine